Make something people want.

Hello! We are Lightdash.
We’re enabling everyone to answer their own data questions.

We’re building a BI tool that’s configurable for the SQL experts & intuitive for the rest, so everyone can feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed. We're a diverse, nimble bunch with big plans - and we're just getting started!
⚡ How we work...
We build in public.

Our community helps us build a better Lightdash.
We believe in autonomy.
Only the best ideas win here.
We are remote-first.
Our culture is built around this.
We love open source!
We believe it will play a massive part in the future of data tools.
We bias towards impact.
We’d rather build something to 80% and get it in front of users so we can iterate fast!
We have incredible support.
From our community to top investors & angels including Y Combinator.
⚡ It's time to build, join us!
Interested? We're hiring! Check out our live roles below:

Backend engineer

Remote, +/- 3 GMT

Platform engineer

Remote, +/- 3 GMT

Fullstack engineer

Remote, +/- 3 GMT