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Lightdash makes it easy to answer questions with your company data, faster.

Manage all of your data transformations in one place

Connects directly to dbt as your metrics layer so you can manage and store your business logic in one place.

Stop maintaining changes in your data across multiple systems.

Developing your analytics has never been faster

Make changes to your data and see the visualisations immediately update.

Build trustworthy and reliable datasets

See all your data lineage next to your metrics. Mark dashboards and datasets as verified to always keep your team in sync.

Open source now and forever.

Delightful to use

Intuitive to use for everyone. No more training sessions.

Built for remote work

Easily share your work with a Lightdash URL, or export charts and data for analysis.

Source of truth for data analytics

Manage your data pipeline and business logic in one place.

Multiple teams

SQL for data users, intuitive UI for business teams.

Open source

Deploy privately and never send your data out to third parties.

Built for speed

Reduce the number of steps between data transformation and data visualisation.




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Lightdash Enterprise

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