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Open source BI for your whole team

We get it.
You're a startup or a scale-up.
You want to improve access to your data.
You need something insanely configurable.
Something easy to use, and developer friendly.
And no, you don't want to pay Looker prices.

Enter Lightdash.


Keep your business logic in one place 🚀

Lightdash lets you define your metrics & dimensions directly in your dbt project. Don't spend time maintaining business logic across multiple tools. Instead, focus on telling your data’s story.


Give everyone  the power to answer data questions 💬

Lightdash provides the building blocks so that anyone can run their own queries. SQL for the experts & intuitive UI for the rest - with Lightdash, everyone is an analyst.
(bye bye bottlenecks!👋 )


Build trust in your data ✅

Lightdash gives you the tools to verify your data & its context. Is it up to date? Does it pass integrity checks? Have confidence in the dashboards you rely on - no more second guessing the numbers!

In-depth video walkthrough

Lightdash offers faster iteration speed for analysts

(0:16) Dashboard View
How Lightdash looks after you’ve connected your dbt project to Lightdash
(0:38) Metrics & Dimensions view
After you’ve connected your YML files We go through how it looks in Lightdash
(1:43) Live editing of your YML file
We go through how live edits to your YML file will reflect in realtime on Lightdash
(2:25) New metric views
See how new metrics appear in the dashboard view after you add them
(2:39) Running queries
How you can run searches using the Lightdash to answer questions
(5:10) Updating transformations
And how it affects the visualisations in real time

Keen for a live test drive?

View our demo project

Live demo


A feature set that is open source now and forever.

Delightful to use
Intuitive to use for everyone. No more training sessions.
Built for remote work
Easily share your work with a Lightdash URL, or export charts and data for analysis.
Source of truth for data analytics
Data models and business logic in one place, no more lost context.
Multiple teams
SQL for data users, intuitive UI for business teams.
Open source
Deploy privately and never send your data out to third parties.
Built for speed
Reduce the number of steps between data transformation and data visualisation.

Want to try it out yourself?

Check out our demo

Live demo

What plan is best for me?

Lightdash caters for all: open-source, managed service and enterprise customers

Unlimited users
Unlimited visualisations
GitHub, Gitlab & dbt integrations
Get Started
Scale-ups and Startups
Unlimited users
Unlimited  visualisations
GitHub, Gitlab & dbt integrations
Cloud hosted management
Team collaboration options
Advanced help and support
Request Access
Enterprise Service
Unlimited users
Unlimited saved charts
GitHub, dbt integrations
Cloud hosted management
Team collaboration options
Advanced help and support
Role & Access management
Dedicated account manager
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We’re a bunch of data-nerds who geek out on empowering everyone with data so they can do their best work.

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