Self-serve BI to 10x your data team

Lightdash instantly turns your dbt project into a full stack BI platform. A powerful developer workflow lets analysts define key metrics, and enable self-serve for everyone else

Data that works for everyone

Build your BI platform with best practices from software engineering

Use software engineering best practices with developer previews, CI/CD and a powerful CLI tool that works with your favourite text editor.

Version controlled semantic layer in git
Easily promote content from staging to production
Automated testing and CI/CD tooling

Explore complex data with no SQL skills needed

With a simple to use data catalog and explorer, put end users on rails to answer their own questions. Easily share additional context and point out the most relevant data your team should use. And launch your own AI analyst co-pilot to help users achieve their self-serve data needs.

No SQL needed exploration for end users
Build and share reports via intuitive point and click explorer
Create bespoke AI agents and lower the barrier even further

BI that scales with your business without breaking the bank

Lightdash offers unlimited users and roles for your business, so no more worrying about licenses and seat counts. Easily control data access by group or role and get real-time insights to your teams’ data literacy with tailored insights on how to improve.

Unlimited users and roles across your business
In-depth usage analytics and data literacy statistics
Enterprise-grade security and compliance
"Lightdash has been the perfect solution for our Business Intelligence needs. The blend of self-service capabilities with robust data governance through dbt has been exactly what we were looking for. The speed at which the Lightdash team develops new features is impressive, and their customer support is outstanding. I can’t say enough good things about Lightdash."

Don Rudish

Director of Software Engineering @ Workday

"The streamlined end-to-end development process that Lightdash enables, & the simple end-user interface have allowed us to introduce tremendous efficiencies for both our developers as well as our data consumers."

Rohan Thakur

Staff Analytics Manager @ Collectors

"Lightdash powers self-service at Clair, allowing internal teams to quickly get their hands on the data they need to operate the business. Because Lightdash is built on our core dbt models, I have confidence that there’s consistency and continuity no matter where stakeholders go for answers."

Erik Webb

Head of Data @ Clair

"We needed a tool that facilitated fast development, fast delivery of value to the business, & also wouldn't accumulate technical debt. Lightdash truly excelled, & the implementation has been a success.”

Martin Carlsson

Analytics Engineer @ Ageras

"So fast and straightforward to implement. You don't have to invest a lot of time to start getting insights from your data. I've never seen a more supportive and committed team!"

Charlie A

Senior Data Analyst @ Brooklyn Data

"We chose Lightdash to fully utilize our DBT setup & enable self-service analytics throughout the organization. With Lightdash, we ensure a single source of truth for the whole company with a friendly interface."

Brian Price

VP of Analytics @ Pinwheel

"User feedback has been positive. A lot of our stakeholders have commented that Lightdash is far more approachable and intuitive to use."

Xiaozhou Wang

Lead Data Engineer @ Standard Metrics

“Everyone in the business has enjoyed using Lightdash to self serve & interact with data. This has increased engagement with the data team which has in turn improved the quality of data at Farewill.”

Mark O’Grady

Sr. Analytics Engineer

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