Open source BI for your whole team.

Connect your dbt project to Lightdash & allow everyone to answer their own data questions.

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Improved access to your data, without the Looker price tag.

1. Connect your dbt project to Lightdash. Add metrics directly in your transformation layer.
2. Explore your data and get insights by running queries & creating charts.
3. Share your insights. Build dashboards & collaborate with the rest of your team!
Define metrics & dimensions directly in your dbt project. Don't spend time maintaining business logic across multiple tools!
SQL for the experts & intuitive UI for the rest - with Lightdash, everyone is an analyst. No more bottlenecks!
Have confidence in the dashboards you share and rely on - no more second guessing the numbers!

Faster iteration speed for analysts.

  • 00:16. Dashboard view
  • 00:38. Metrics & Dimensions view
  • 01:43. Live editing of yaml file
  • 02:25. New metric views
  • 02:23. Running queries
  • 05:10. Updating transformations
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