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Deliver-Ease with Lightdash’s new Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard

June 9, 2023
Deliver-Ease with Lightdash’s new Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard
Katie Hindson
Product & Data Lead
Deliver-Ease with Lightdash’s new Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature that’s guaranteed to improve the way you manage your scheduled deliveries: The Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard. It’s your one-stop hub for tracking the status and history of all your scheduled chart and dashboard deliveries.

In the past, keeping tabs on your scheduled deliveries could be a real headache. Did it fail? Is it still running? Did it even get sent? That's why we've built the Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard – to make your life easier and your data delivery process seamless. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to streamlined delivery management.

Take Control of Your Deliveries

With the Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard, you're in the (delivery) driver's seat. You have a clear overview of who created each scheduled delivery, when it was last executed, and whether the run was successful or encountered any issues. No more guessing games or worrying about failed deliveries. It's all there, neatly organized for your peace of mind.

Ditch the Duplicates

We know how irritating duplicate deliveries can be. They clutter your inbox and create unnecessary confusion. Fear not, because our dashboard allows you to easily identify and eliminate duplicate scheduled deliveries. Streamline your workflow and ensure that only the essential deliveries make it to their destination. Efficiency at its finest!

Integrations Made Simple

Sending deliveries shouldn't be a hassle, which is why we've integrated seamlessly with Slack and email. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred channel and customize the content format. Whether it's a CSV file of the results or a snazzy image of your charts and dashboards, we've got you covered.

If you haven’t connected Slack yet, you can read more about integrating Slack to your Lightdash instance here.

Stay Informed, Stay in Control

No more uncertainty about whether your scheduled deliveries are running smoothly. The Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard keeps you in the loop with a comprehensive run history. Just click on the Run History tab to know when your last delivery was sent or received, and be confident that your data is reaching its intended recipients.

Deliver Your Feedback: let us know what you think about Scheduled Deliveries!

Managing your scheduled deliveries has never been this effortless. With Lightdash's Scheduled Deliveries Dashboard, you can take charge of your deliveries, eliminate duplicates, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that your data is reaching its destination. Let us know what you think in the Lightdash Slack Community. Or, get started today on Lightdash Cloud and experience the power of hassle-free delivery scheduling!

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