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The launch of Lightdash Embedding 🖼️

March 5, 2024
The launch of Lightdash Embedding 🖼️
Hamzah Chaudhary
CEO & Co-founder
The launch of Lightdash Embedding 🖼️

One of our most requested features in now available in public preview to Lightdash Cloud users - embedding!

🖼️ Lightdash Embedding

With this launch, you can embed Lightdash charts and dashboards directly inside your application, platform, or website. This gives you the full power of a semantic-layer backed analytics platform, now available to share with your end users for them to self-serve their data.

🔍 Interactive, mobile responsive and configurable

🔐 Well-secured with row and column-level security

💸 Fair and straightforward pricing on a usage basis

😻 A world class dev experience for simple setup

Enable Embedding in my Lightdash account

Teams are already using Lightdash embedding to power everything from internal product usage analytics for SaaS tools, to online portals for public libraries, and SEO marketing platforms giving detailed ad campaign performance insights to their customers.

We built embedding to work out of the box - you can generate embed previews from within Lightdash to see what it will look like in your application. You can embed any content you’ve created in Lightdash and its also responsive for mobile. As an admin, you can select which dashboards are embeddable and configure authorization so only specific users can access them. You can also decide what folks can do with your embedded content by toggling off features like filtering and chart interactivity.

Key features

🔐 Have full control over which dashboards can be embedded

📲 Control the look and feel of your embedded content and it’ll work on mobile

🎁 Dependency-free. Simply drop in code, no additional libraries needed

👥 Personalise content depending on the logged in user with row-level security

🎮 Provide powerful interactivity like filtering, drill down, and export to csv. All customisable

Check out our Embedding docs for the full story on how to get started!

Pricing that makes sense

We’ve also kept our pricing simple and fair, so you only pay when your embeds are viewed. Traditionally BI tools charge a hefty fee to use embedding features that don’t really make sense.

With Lightdash Embedding, you only pay for the number of views your content gets.

This gives customers a much simpler way to predict costs and a fairer model that scales with the value you get from your embedded content.

There’s also a generous free tier for all Lightdash Cloud users who get 1,000 free embedded views monthly - no credit card required.

As with all our features, we’d love to hear your feedback and what you’d like to see us build next for embedding! Lightdash Embedding is available to all Lightdash Cloud users - simply click below to request access to this in your account.

Enable Embedding in my Lightdash Cloud account

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