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Feature Friday 8 - Where does a miner get their data from?

November 3, 2023
Feature Friday 8 - Where does a miner get their data from?
Katie Hindson
Product & Data Lead
Feature Friday 8 - Where does a miner get their data from?

Where does a miner get their data from?

...A database quarry ⛏️😏

Feature Friday is back!

We're back to our regular programming of bi-weekly feature updates (and great data puns) at Lightdash. We have a bunch of exciting new updates to announce from the past two weeks, so let's get to it...

🔄 Keep your spreadsheets in sync with Google Sheets sync

You can now sync data between Lightdash and Google Sheets. Don't stop people using spreadsheets, instead you can govern their usage in Lightdash 🔐 With our Google Sheets Sync, users can set up scheduled data syncs between Lightdash and GSheets and admins can see how their teams are exporting data on our Sync Dashboard.

Read more on how set up and use Syncs in our docs.

CleanShot 2023-10-31 at 14.43.42@2x.png

🏗️ We've re-configured the chart config

We've moved the chart configuration panel to the side of the screen. A simple but important improvement that leaves a lot more room for configuration as well as allowing you to see the whole chart while editing.

⏮️ Rewind time with version history

You can now revert to the previous versions of charts in Lightdash. This allows you to visually explore previous saved versions of your chart configurations and roll back if needed.

CleanShot 2023-10-25 at 17.09.24@2x.png

To get started, click the three-dot menu on any saved chart and select Version history. You can read more on how far back we store version history and more information in our docs.

📤 Export your data to Google Sheets

Along with being able to regularly sync your data to Google Sheets, you can now do a one-off export of your results to Google Sheets.

Just click on the export button in your results table and select the option Google Sheets.

Join the Slack Community!

If you want to hear more regularly about feature updates, be more involved in our product decisions, and get access to features before they're even public, then join our Slack Community. We post updates as they happen, surveys about product questions, and more 👀

Catch you next Feature Friday, and get excited for it. Because we've got some highly requested features coming in hot 🔥

You've made it to the end of the update, thanks for being our biggest fan 💜

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