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Feature Friday 1 - The one with the Heatwave

August 30, 2022
Feature Friday 1 - The one with the Heatwave
Ian Ahuja
Growth + Community
Feature Friday 1 - The one with the Heatwave

🌟 Feature Friday! 🌟

🫠 Are you melting in the heat like us?

🚎 As you board that toasty rush-hour bus?

🤔 What you need, at the very least,

🎉 Is a roundup of the features and bug fixes Lightdash has released!

Hello all and welcome to Feature Friday!

After the wild success that was Feature Day from the recent demo week, we thought we'd begin a fortnightly email update for our amazing community where we share a round up of the features and bug fixes we've released along with some bug fixes, fun stats and sneak previews of upcoming work, this time endorsed by Ice Cube...

Ice Cube knows what's up

🆕 Feature showcase!

A selection of the new features we've launched in the last two weeks:

  • Line smoothing and symbol hiding options for your charts. For each series in your line chart, you can get those pesky value markers out of the way and then make your lines so smooth that 🚝 maglev trains will be wanting a piece of the action! See it in action. Read about line charts in the docs.

  • Stack the grouped series in a mixed chart type! We promised more chart config, and here it is, thanks to Issue #2524. This doesn't just work with bar and line chart types, it also works with area and scatter types. See it in action. If you didn't know about mixed charts in Lightdash, check out our docs.

  • Table chart types now scroll as many results as needed, with sticky headers, column totals, some visual improvements and the ability to download as .csv directly from the dashboard view! As per milestone #44, all of these features are now available in Lightdash so that we can all enjoy cleaner tables that are even easier to export. See it in action. Read the docs.

  • Grouping metrics and dimensions in the sidebar is now possible in Lightdash via some easy configuration in your dbt model's .yml file! To resolve Issue #1851, using the `group_label` property, you can group related metrics and dimensions together in whatever way you wish. We love making it easy for the data team to make it easy for the data consumers. Read more about how this works in the reference sheets for metrics and dimensions and you can check out Issue #2685 for more planned changes to the sidebar UI! See it in action.

🏭 Friday Facts

Some of our favourite facts and stats from the last two weeks.

  • ✅ All-time Github issues closed: 1018
  • ☑️ Current open issues: 299
  • 🗂 Current Lightdash release version: v0.181.6
  • 🧊 Packets of ice cubes consumed across the Lightdash team: 12

By the way, if you're not in our Community already then you are really being left out of all of the real fun... join here. It's free, easy, and you get to chat to us and the rest of our community. Whenever you want. Forever. dbt tips? Lightdash feature requests? SQL jokes? We have it all.

🐛 Bug fixes

Just a small selection of the nasty bugs we've squashed in the last two weeks (yes, there were even more!):

  • When using a truncated date for a filter, it didn't match dates where it should (#2629).
  • When you entered a date into the date-time picker, it sometimes snapped to a different timezone (#2633).
  • The default values for time interval filters weren't for the start of the week/month/year until the input was changed (#2636).
  • Sometimes, not all available fields were showing up in the y axis (#2691).
  • Sometimes the table calculation wasn't editable (#2696).
  • Adding a filter from the results table used the formatted value instead of the raw value (#2682).
  • Totals in the table chart type weren't formatted like the values in the column (#2693).
  • Sometimes, bar chart stacking was acting funny (#2692).
  • Time interval dimensions weren't sorted correctly (#2709).
  • Value labels for multiple series, sometimes overlapped (#2714).

💎 Milestone Mayhem

We're now using Github milestones to track the larger pieces of upcoming work. Within a milestone you'll be able to see the constituent issues. Watch this space for plenty more, but as a starter, here's an exciting one hot off the press...

💕 That's it for today

Stay tuned for the next one in two weeks!

If you're interested in what we're building here, get involved! Don’t watch from the sidelines, help us build the future of BI. We’ve got something for everybody:

Much love from the Lightdash team ❤️.

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