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Feature Friday

Feature Friday 2 - The one where they tidy up

Feature Friday 2 - The one where they tidy up
Ian Ahuja
Growth + Community
Feature Friday 2 - The one where they tidy up

🌟 Feature Friday! 🌟

The one where they tidy up.

🛰 Improved organisation and discovery,

🙏 It's what we all need in Lightdash, don't we?!

📣 Well here's a post about two big new features we've released,

❤️ with Spaces and Search, your love for Lightdash will increase!

Hello all and welcome to another glorious Feature Friday! The Lightdash team has been hard at work listening to our most popular feature requests. Many of you were looking for better ways to organise and discover your content in Lightdash and so... we built Spaces to help with organisation, and Search for discovery.

asking the really important questions

🆕 Feature showcase!

A selection of the new features we've launched in the last two weeks.


With Spaces, you can now organise your charts + dashboards!

🧘 So many of our users were keen for some space - so now you can breathe easy with Spaces in Lightdash. You can use Spaces to organise your charts + dashboards, for example, you could have a Sales space where all the Sales related dashboards and charts are kept for that team.

🚛 We've put all your existing charts + dashboards into a space to start with, but you can create more spaces and easily move them between each space using the three-dot menu. You can read more about spaces in the docs or, see it in action.

🔒 And there's much more on the roadmap for Spaces, next up: Space Permissions!


You can now search across charts, dashboards, metrics, dimensions and even spaces!

📚 With users across the business and the data team all creating content (because it's so darn easy to with Lightdash!), finding the right thing can become tricky. This is why, in combination with Spaces, we're launching Search.

📗 Thats right, you can now search across nearly all your Lightdash content using the new search box - and it even comes with a handy keyboard shortcut for when the mouse is having a bad day. 

Read more about exploring your content in Lightdash, or, see it in action.

Single Sign On with Okta

SSO with Okta is now supported - we know there are many of you out there for whom this was a necessity, so we built the integration and now you can onboard your whole organisation with ease!

The code has been merged as part of a recent release so open source users are free to use this. For new AND existing Lightdash Cloud users, this feature is available on request - if you want it, just ask one of us in the Community.

🏭 Friday Facts

Some of our favourite facts and stats from the last two weeks.

  • ✅ All-time Github issues closed: 1096
  • ☑️ Current open issues: 294
  • 🗂 Current Lightdash release version: v0.202.2
  • 🔥 Community growth since last Feature Friday +59%
  • 🚀 Number of new people joining Lightdash next week..... 1 [stay tuned!]

By the way, if you're not in our Community already then you are really being left out of all of the real fun... join here. It's free, easy, and you get to chat to us and the rest of our community. Whenever you want. Forever. dbt tips? Lightdash feature requests? SQL jokes? We have it all.

🐛 Bug fixes

Just a small selection of the nasty bugs we've squashed in the last two weeks (yes, there were even more!):

  • 📡 We now support Redshift in the Lightdash CLI!  [#2684]
  • 🏷 Labels shouldn't overlap anymore. [#2659]
  • ⬇️ Group labels now sort properly. [#2745]
  • ♻️ The "Refresh dbt" button was confusing users without permission to use it, so we now hide it for users without the relevant access. [#2766]
  • ⚠️ Improved error handling and logging for yaml errors with the CLI. [#2783]
  • 📊 The default chart state is now a bit more helpful. [#2711]
  • 💡 No more chart flickering - we hope! [#2737]
  • ✂️ Column header names were getting cut off in some instances. [#2679]
  • 🥞 Area charts were not stacking properly. [#2724]

Thank you to our wonderful community for continuing to use Lightdash and be open and honest with feedback and bugs. We love bug reports more than breakfast, so keep them coming!

💎 Milestone Mayhem

We're now using Github milestones to track the larger pieces of upcoming work. You can also check out our public roadmap for a longer term view.

💕 That's it for today

Stay tuned for the next one in two weeks!

If you're interested in what we're building here, get involved! Don’t watch from the sidelines, help us build the future of BI. We’ve got something for everybody:

Much love from the Lightdash team ❤️.

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