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Feature Friday 5 - The one with all the snow

January 27, 2023
Feature Friday 5 - The one with all the snow
Ian Ahuja
Growth + Community
Feature Friday 5 - The one with all the snow

🌟 Feature Friday 🌟

The one with all the snow

❄️ The snow falls softly, a blanket of white,
A canvas, waiting for our code to ignite,
It covers all, a fresh new start,
A chance to build and create with heart.

📈 But as we work, we find the cold,
Can make our progress slow to unfold,
The icy path, it twists and turns,
As we navigate the highs and burns.

🔥 Yet we persist, with hearts ablaze,
Determined to see Lightdash through,
For just as the snow will melt away,
Our new features will come shining through.

Poem generated via OpenAI's ChatGPT (with some sly changes)

Hello there, and welcome to another glorious Feature Friday!

It's been an interesting week in some places around the world - even Central London has seen several inches of snow last throughout the week and despite some mildly peturbing travel disruptions and snowball fights, Lightdash has been hard at work as always...

This is our first Feature Friday since we sponsored dbt's Coalesce 2022 conference - we wanted to give a massive thank you to everyone that came to see us at the booth. It was a surreal experience walking around New Orleans on the final day, seeing Lightdash tie-dye shirts out in the wild on several occassions! It was great showing demos to people face-to-face, collecting feature requests, building relationships and most importantly growing our Community - which nearly doubled in size.

New Orleans, it’s been real. Had a blast with everyone at @dbt_labs’s @coalesceconf - looking forward to bringing more colour to San Diego! lil shot of some of the @lightdash_devs team from the closing party and booth action 🌈 🎉 ⚡️
— Hamzah (@hamzahc1) October 22, 2022

And outside of the Coalesce news, it's business as usual at Lightdash. We know it's been a bit longer than usual since the last Feature Friday but we've been shipping features as fast as always, and we're really excited to share this bumper list with you.

🎉 Plus we have a super special announcement that we have an amazing new member of the Lightdash team! Yasmine is finishing her second week at Lightdash and it already feels like she's been here much longer with how fast she's getting through our GitHub issues. 💥 Yasmine - we are delighted you've joined us, welcome to the Lightdash Community :)

🆕 Feature showcase

A selection of the new features we've launched in the last month.

🕰 Granular time intervals

We now support a wide range of time interval dimensions for your date fields! Using the new time_intervals dimensions tag, you can now create custom dimensions with all sorts of time intervals for date type fields, ranging from the second all the way up to the year. What's more, you can also create numeric dimensions from those dates, like "day of week" or "quarter number", and also string dimensions, like "day of week" and "month name". Read the reference docs here.

📊 Huge charts

No more limits on chart sizes on dashboards. Want to make those monthly revenue graphs look larger than life? Go for it. Also useful for more sensible things like displaying a large table with many results or if displaying Lightdash on an external screen and want to maximise visual impact. See it in action.

🔗 Taking URLs to the next dimension

Clickable links in dimensions can now refer to multiple values from across the record. For any dimension where you want to use clickable links, you can now pull values from other columns in the row to form the URL. Read the docs to see how it works.

⬇️ Download ALL THE ROWS

You can now download ALL of the source rows from results tables, even if you have a limit on the number of displayed records. This is accessible in the same place, via the .csv download button to the top right of any results table. This button leads to a menu where you can specify whether you need the raw or formatted values, and whether or not you'd like a limit on the number of records in the export. See it in action.

🧊 3D Pivoting

You can now pivot a table or chart by up to 3 dimensions. For those fun multi-dimensional source tables, it's now easy to get the viz you need with pivoting available for now up to three dimensions! You can do this by just selecting the dimensions. If you need to reorder the pivot, or add or remove grouping, you can manage this in the chart "Configure" menu. See it in action.

🔒 Private Spaces

You can now set permissions for Spaces to restrict access. Only members that are invited to a Space with Restricted Access have access to it. Full Access Spaces are available to everyone who has access to the project the space is in. To update a Space's access, just hit on the Share button in your Space. See it in action, or read the docs.

🚿 New and improved dashboard filters

More granular dashboard filters have arrived! With our new and improved dashboard filters, you can now apply a dashboard filter to a subset of tiles OR pick which field to use for a tile's filter. See it in action, or read the docs.

👩‍🏭 Friday Facts

Some of our favourite facts and stats from the last few weeks.

  • ✅ All-time Github issues closed: 1563
  • ☑️ Current open issues: 439
  • 🗂 Current Lightdash release version: v0.350.3
  • 🔥 Community growth since last Feature day: +189% 😱
  • 😻 Number of Lightdash supporters in the dbt Slack Community: 539
  • 🌈 Tye die shirts given out at Coalesce 2022: 223
  • 🎨 Shirts tie died by our booth visitors at Coalesce 2022: 126

By the way, if you're not in our Community already then you are really being left out of all of the real fun... join here. It's free, easy, and you get to chat to us and the rest of our community. Whenever you want. Forever. dbt tips? Lightdash feature requests? SQL jokes? We have it all.

🐛 Bug fixes

Just a small selection of the nasty bugs we've squashed in the last month (yes, there were even more!):

  • 📖 The user invited copy was confusing. Thanks Yasmine for fixing this one! [#3909]
  • 🚿 Dashboard tile filters were not being removed correctly. [#3981]
  • 🪟 Windows users, we ❤️ you too! The install script powershell failure bug is fixed. [#3813]
  • 🔎 View Underlying Data now works properly on Big Number chart types. [#3913]
  • 🛟 Dashboard filtering now works on new dashboards before you hit save. [#3898]
  • 📜 Horizontal scrolling now works properly for Table chart types with many columns. [#3811]
  • ©️ Selecting and copying values from cells of Table charts now works easier. [#3750]
  • 🛑 dbt compile failures now only show the relevant warnings. [#1005]
  • ⤵️ y axis dimensions will now be rendered properly in charts when pivoting. [#3749]

Thank you to our wonderful community for continuing to use Lightdash and be open and honest with feedback and bugs. We love bug reports more than breakfast, so keep them coming!

💎 Milestone Mayhem

We're using Github milestones to track the larger pieces of upcoming work. You can also check out our public roadmap for a longer term view.

💞 That's it for today

👷‍♀️ If you're interested in what we're building here, get involved! Don’t watch from the sidelines, help us build the future of BI. We’ve got something for everybody:

Much love from the Lightdash team ❤️

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